Two-Day Lab

Acquire Strategic Thinking Skills During Our Signature Two-Day Lab: Learning To Think Strategically

Target Participants: Experienced global leaders

This lab is designed for seasoned global leaders who own a business strategy (product, divisional, sales, functional, etc.) and are looking to develop their strategic thinking skills.

Lab Length: Two days

A two-day off-site, this engaging lab is a facilitated group session intended for a maximum of 18 senior leaders. Each lab is comprised of cross-functional, cross-cultural, and cross-rank representation and is expertly lead by two facilitators.

Content of Lab: Focus on actual, real work cases

This lab challenges the traditional approach to strategic planning by emphasizing how successful strategists learn to think strategically. Lab participants are challenged to critically assess their own strategy habits and the strategy approaches of their organization. This lab experience provides a thorough grounding in what strategic thinking is, what strategic thinking skills are, its value to the organization and provides a broader range of possibilities for those tasked with developing strategy. As companies realize they must continue to innovate while delivering known value, understanding and continuously developing strategic thinking is an essential capability for leaders.

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