Three and Four-Day Lab

Become a Strategic Thinker With Our Advanced Three and Four-Day Learning Lab: Mastermind Confab

Target Participants: Seasoned, highly-committed global leaders

This advanced lab is intended for progressive, open-minded leaders who own a business strategy or are set policy (product, service, people, process, regional, divisional, sales, functional, etc.). It is an enriching confab for those who are astute and deeply committed to an in-depth experience around learning to think strategically.

Lab Length: Three or four days

The three and four-day Mastermind Lab includes a two-day lab followed by an interim back-at-work assignment requiring participants to practice an experiential case exercise. This is followed by another one or two-day seminar style lab approximately one month later. The challenging interim assignment is based on an action-learning model that focuses on participants’ actual strategy problems. Labs are designed for a maximum of 18 leaders who want to become strategic thinkers.

Content of Lab: In-depth knowledge and experience to build confidence and competence

This highly experiential advanced lab uses a leading-edge methodology and unconventional, research-based content to practice the core elements of strategic thinking.  Attention is focused on providing a comprehensive grounding in what strategic thinking is, a compelling grasp of why it is relevant, and original ways to improve. In light of the prevailing uncertainty, unpredictability, and highly complex environment in which leaders today are tasked with making strategy, the Mastermind Lab ensures leaders strengthen their strategic thinking confidence and competence.

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