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Julia is a premier thought leader in the area of strategy. She brings conceptual clarity and true originality to a topic that is enormously complex.
CEO Medical Technology Company
We credit Dr. Sloan's strategic thinking approach to our successful Japanese and German acquisitions, and to saving one of our US business lines.
Global Manufacturing Director Manufacturing Company
She's a rock star around here! Her take on strategic thinking is right on the mark — creative, practical and wicked fun.
Senior Researcher Biotechnology Firm

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Through our strategic thinking consulting, we work with some of the largest, most innovative, and highly successful companies in the world. Our confidential client list spans all facets of the Fortune rankings.

Learning to Think Strategically 4th Edition Book Cover

Learning to Think Strategically

Strategic thinking has become a core competency for business leaders globally. Over-used and under-defined, the term is often used interchangeably with strategic management. This textbook delineates and defines strategic thinking as a conceptual cognitive capability.

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